When I saw a promo for the ABC reality show “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” I thought, “uh…okay….”
On one hand, there’s the sheer elitism of the show’s concept: three upper-middle class white families get to pick from among 7 (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) “less desirable” families – Hispanic, black, a gay couple, a Wiccan, poor white…you get the picture. Each week one prospective family would be eliminated from contention. On the other hand, it might be interesting, even valuable, to get beyond public political correctness and see how prejudices thrive in private realms.
Anyway, ABC, after investing all that time and money, ‘realized’ that the show could upset some people, not to mention being the target of the Fair Housing folks as illegal. So they canned it.
Here’s an idea. Take seven upper-class white conservative ‘christian’ families, and let them battle each other not to live in a housing project in the ‘hood, or a rural trailer park, or an urban gay enclave. Better yet, a freeway underpass. Each week, one of them gets ‘excused’. Kind of a reverse-Survivor deal. Now that I’d watch.
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