Well, we survived the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Portland. I’ll write more about this later, including some adventures after the GA traveling around Oregon, but first, I have to share this email that I received via the DisciplesWorld web site:

Rebecca Bowman Woods,
If a man had been elected to the office of GMP would you have commented on the color of suit he wore? Does the color of Sharon Watkins suit make any difference in who she is?

(name and email address withheld)

This message is in reference to an article I wrote on Monday or Tuesday or the Assembly after Sharon Watkins was elected. It’s a perfect indication, in my opinion, of how hidebound by political correctness some folks in the church have become. We saw several other incidences of this during Assembly in plenary sessions. No wonder Watkins, during her sermon at the close of the Assembly on Wednesday night, said we need to learn to cut each other some slack.

Perhaps I’m still a little touchy from the 18 hour days I (and the rest of the staff) put in writing about the Assembly for the past week. A “thanks” would have been nice.

Yeah, yeah, I can already hear you saying, “well, practice what you preach. Cut the e-mail’s author some slack!” Ok, maybe she (yes, a women wrote it) was having a bad hair day…. (that’s an attempt at humor folks!)

Below is a link to DisciplesWorld‘s General Assembly coverage. The site stays live until Friday. Hopefully, you’ll get more out of it than whether we wrote about Arnold Nelson’s bow tie. DisciplesWorld : General Assembly News