If you are entertaining bored pre-teens and trying to escape the heat at the same time, Sky High is a movie that’s…not too bad. Billed as a cross between Harry Potter and The Incredibles, it’s about a high school for superheroes. It’s main character, Will Stronghold, has as parents the best-known superhero duo around (most kids only have one super-parent) but he can’t seem to find out what his superpower is, and so he’s relegated, along with his friends, to the role of “sidekick”. Although the plotline is somewhat predictable – having him find his superpowers and use them, with help from his side kick friends, to defeat the nefarious villain, there are some memorable moments and this great line (delivered by Will Stronghold: “If life were to suddenly become fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.”

Linda Carter (former Wonder Woman) plays the high school principal and at the end, she even makes reference to her former role in a joke (that the kids won’t get, of course). Stronghold’s parents are played by Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston. Great soundtrack of 80s covers too – English Beat, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears and others. Rated PG for some butt-kickin’ but I don’t remember any profanity.

One could do worse at the movies….
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