Was flipping through the channels early this a.m. and stopped to watch Fox News for a sec. The blond guy on their morning show was commenting how when there are disasters in the world, the U.S. is always the country that gives millions or billions in aid. I knew what was coming next, the thought making its way from his pea brain to his whiny little mouth and out into the studio…sure enough, he said it. Will those countries help us? I bet they won’t, he said.

How arrogant. And how typical. Sure, there aren’t many countries that give (or at least, pledge to give) aid like the good old U.S. Then again, maybe if we’d do a few proactive things to address the way we contribute to global warming, deforestation, pollution, etc. we wouldn’t be giving so much in aid for natural disasters. Our giving is large, but so is our taking.

Anyway, that smug, smirky Fox News guy is wrong. Other countries will help. We will be surprised, possibly even humbled. Remember, Jesus noticed the poor widow who gave all she had, not the wealthy ones who gave more and made a big show of it.