Just found out that Humane Borders now has a blog…. Thanks, border friends, for linking with our recent posts. I have added a link to our right-hand column’s bloglist.

Will be back in Tucson later this month. Meanwhile, here are two photos from my trip in Sept. One thing I found out is that the desert is a place of many signs. In fact, another term the Border Patrol and others use for tracking migrants is called “cutting sign” – looking for footprints and other clues.

This cross was in a remote area in the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge, I think. At first I was concerned that it was either a gravesite or a marker where someone had died. Later, back in Tucson, someone told it was part of an impromptu ‘stations of the cross’ that migrants had constructed during the journey. Prof. Jacqueline Hagan at UNC Chapel Hill and Fr. Dan Groody at the University of Notre Dame have studied the spiritual aspects of migrants’ journeys.

Here is another sign, found a few miles from the cross. This Christmas Tree car air freshener was hanging from a bush, miles from nowhere. If you have any idea why, please let me know.