Once again, the Mississippi-based American Family Association is up to its so-called “Christian” bullying tactics, targeting (of all things) the company that makes American Girl dolls and books for a possible boycott (full AP story here).

American Girl supports several organizations including Girls Inc., which favors educating and empowering young girls, or as its mission states, “inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold.” Sounds like a refreshing alternative to filling their heads with notions that they should be shaped like Barbie and copy the materialistic, snobbish attitude of “Bratz.” Here is a link to Girls Inc’s advocacy positions – check it out for yourself. They even have a Girls’ Bill of Rights.

But the AFA calls Girls Inc a “pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group.”

Does the AFA speak for your family’s values? If the answer is no, here are two things you can do. First, email the American Girl company to let them know you disagree with the AFA’s tactics and have no problem with their support of Girls Inc. Second, put the company’s products (dolls, books, an upcoming movie and more) on your Christmas shopping list.