Just wanted to note a couple of recently-launched weblogs by Disciples. Rev. Robert Cornwall of Santa Barbara, Calif. just sent me a link to his new blog, “Ponderings on a Faith Journey.” Particulary interesting to me is his second post, about the evolution vs. intelligent design debate and why he and his congregation observed “Evolution Sunday” a couple of weeks ago.

Another Disciples pastor who started blogging last fall is Nathan Day Wilson, pastor of Clintonville Christian Church in Ky. Nathan is a doctoral student and young adult Disciple who is involved in the Lilly-funded First Parish Project. One interesting post on his site is about Martin Luther King’s “Christmas Sermon on Peace.”

Nathan writes: However, I think that in addition to hearing “I Have a Dream” each January, we should also hear this sermon. I say that because in this sermon King talks about how and when the dream King expressed in his “I Have a Dream” speech turned to a nightmare.

Thanks, Robert and Nathan, for letting us know about your Weblogs. Check them out!