If you’re not freaking out over the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie (and the book, which came out, like, 3 years ago) here is something far more interesting :The Lost Gospel of Judas.

You may have encountered the Gospel of Judas through the very unobjective lens of the early church father Irenaeus of Lyons, who blasted it in Against Heresies. There’s a lot more to it than just the widely-reported fact that Jesus asks Judas to betray him in the Gospel of Judas. Here is another glimpse, along the lines of the Gospel of Thomas and other Nag Hammadi texts, into how diverse early Christianities were. You can buy the book at major retailers or online – it’s a quick and interesting read and it’s worth your time and money.

Tomorrow, I have an interview with Dr. Marvin Meyer, the Chapman University religion professor who co-authored the National Geographic book on the lost gospel and is one of its translators. Meyer was also featured in the National Geographic TV special recently. Look for the article in an upcoming issue of DisciplesWorld.

For more reading here’s a Wikipedia link too.