After about 24 hours of traveling, we have finally arrived in Jerusalem. Our hotel, The Seven Arches is in East Jerusalem on Mt. Olive. The view is spectacular of the Old City – especially the Dome of the Rock. Just below the hotel is the main Jewish cemetary in Jerusalem. It is the one featured at the end of Schindler’s List, where the List survivors place a stone on Schindler’s grave. Hopefully someone knows which one it is.

The trip was very uneventful, other than the flight attendant getting on the plane in Indianapolis to ask if Elizabeth Sullivan was a passenger – they wanted to know whether or not to put my luggage on the plane. Makes you a bit nervous…… I can now say that I have been to Europe – if only at the airport in Paris. It was rainy and cold – not conducive to doing anything but staying at the gate. Then, after all the warnings and worries of getting through customs at Ben Gurion airport, everyone breezed right through. No hassles, no questions.

We had dinner at the hotel this evening. I’m not sure of everything I ate, but all was delicious. I’ve decided not to ask what is in things, just eat and enjoy.

Tomorrow is our first full day – I can hardly wait.

News Muse note: Beth Sullivan is the bookkeeper for DisciplesWorld and has served as board member of the United Christian Missionary Society and the Disciples Divinity House at the University of Chicago. Sullivan is visiting Middle Eastern holy sites on a trip with her alma mater, Earlham College, located in Richmond, Ind.