I came across an article about Disciples pastor and author Jan Linn. The article appeared in a weekly newspaper in the Twin Cities and is positive in its portrayal of Linn, but it begins with this curious opening:

“In a religious and political climate such as the one currently in America, Jan G. Linn is a walking oxymoron.

Linn, a Lakeville resident is what you could title as a “liberal Christian pastor.”

Is it really that bad out there? Bad enough that a “liberal Christian pastor” is newsworthy? In some places, it is. But one doesn’t have to be a seminarian or Bible scholar to see in the Bible the need for care of creation, peacemaking, love of neighbor, care for the poor, community living, anti-materialism, etc. This is stuff that kids learn in Sunday School.

That doesn’t mean the Bible is a blueprint for political liberalism (nor political conservatism). But it ought to give pause to anyone who would open an article with these sentences. In praising Linn, the writer also undergirds the notion that Christians are/should be politically conservative.