Several new and noteworthy blogs by Disciples have come to our attention in the last month or so. Check them out —

CAPtions – “Curious, considerate conversation about faith and life,” conducted by Tim Diebel, pastor of First Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa. Tim’s entry today on baptism is a wonderful reflection on what it all means, and especially appropriate as many churches will celebrate Jesus’ own baptism tomorrow.

The Rethinking Youth Ministry blog by Brian, a Disciples pastor in the St. Louis area. Brian has some great video clips including one where he asks college students, “What do you think of the church?” He gets some interesting and honest answers.

Phillips Theolgical Seminary grad Dan Mayes’ blog on My Space is where he goes about “Dismantling bad theology one CCM artist at a time…” and he has a cool video about hunger on his My Space site.