Or a copy of James Cone’s A Black Theology of Liberation. Or at least help him look up the Wikipedia entry on Black Theology.

Because he needs to wake up.

Carlson, on his talk show, took issue with Barack Obama’s membership at Trinity UCC in Chicago, which openly promotes its adherence to the Black Value System. Dr. Carlson, apparently now an expert in theology (he mumbles something about being qualified to talk about this) takes issue with a theology that appears to him to favor one race over another. I guess nobody ever pointed out to him things like centuries of blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus portraits, the use of the Bible to justify slavery, etc. might just indicate a bias of one race (his) over another.

You can view his theological musings courtesy of The Angry Black Woman blog. She adds some South Park-style cartoons to go with it. Read what she has to say about Carlson too.