From Jeff Gill’s blog, “Notes From My Knapsack”:

Crawford Died For Your Sins

A man once died a particularly cruel and painful death, to make up for the evil actions of others, of which he himself was entirely innocent. His death led to the birth of a religious community which counts many adherents all around us to this day. The place of his death is well known, but not a scrap of his body can be found to this day.

No, not Him.

It was in Ohio, beginning 225 years ago this week.

Gill goes on to share a very interesting story about Col. William Crawford, the Gnadenhutten massacre of 1782, and how all this relates to Stone-Campbell history. Ever wonder why the Restoration Movement and particularly, the theology behind Walter Scott’s “Five-Finger Exercise” was so appealing to many on the frontier? Click here to read more…..