Nancy CopinBy now, many of you have heard about the April 2 murder of Nancy Copin, pastor of Snow Creek Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Rocky Mount, Va.  The story began as a local news item in the Roanoke area but has since caught the attention of the national media. DisciplesWorld has been working on its own story. We hope to have it posted today (4/13). For now, we have posted the latest AP report.

 Meanwhile, keep the congregation in your prayers. Copin was murdered the day after Palm Sunday. Parishioners found her dead in the parsonage on Thursday, April 5. The congregation learned of all this over Good Friday and Easter weekend.  Regional Minister Lee Parker has stepped in to take on Copin’s duties and help the church work through the shock and grief, as well as the unanswered questions surrounding Copin’s murder.

Earlier this week, police arrested a suspect, Charles Vincent Cobler, in Mentor, Ohio on an unrelated charge and somehow linked him to Copin’s murder.. News reports say that Cobler came to Snow Creek church for a choral service with a relative some time in the days before the murder. Cobler has now confessed to the crime and has been arraigned on murder charges. Trial date is June 14.