That is the question. Yes, the News Muse blog has been absent of any new posts for a while now. Partly because of the difficulty of finding the time to post (many of you bloggers can relate). But also because we/I at DisciplesWorld have been noodling around with the question – what do we want this blog to be? How can it be interesting and useful to those who would read it (y’all haven’t given up on us have you?)

The other dilemma is finding something to say. Frankly, there are things it’s best not to write about, thoughts that, if expressed, will surely come back to deliver a karmic bite at some inopportune time. And then, most days, there’s the dilemma of having nothing much to say. I marvel at the time and energy some people put into posting original and well-developed thoughts every day, or at least a couple of times a week. For me at least, I can’t even recall the punch line to a knock-knock joke by the end of the day, most days.

 So I’ve worked out something that, I hope, will appeal to readers while being sustainable on our end. All this is to say, look for a revived “News Muse” starting today.

 Now….to deliver on what I’ve promised….(stay tuned).