Even though she was uninvited to speak at Creighton University Medical Center, author Anne Lamott will be coming to Omaha after all. As soon as Creighton announced it was cancelling Lamott’s speech, Disciples pastor Nancy Brink was on the phone. She and her congregation, North Side Christian Church, along with five other congregations who are part of a group called Connections, convinced Lamott’s agent and Lamott herself that she would be warmly welcomed in Omaha despite her views on abortion and assisted suicide. Read more about it here.

I know that not everyone appreciates Lamott’s writing, but personally, if it weren’t for Traveling Mercies, I might not be a Christian. (God gets a little of that credit too, of course.)

My own son is just a couple of weeks older than Lamott’s son, Sam. It’s funny how much I’ve been able to relate to her Sam stories. I feel like they’ve grown up together, going from curious little boys to sulky adolescents to rebellious (and sometimes thoughtful) young men.

I don’t live close to Omaha and will be at the beach in South Carolina next week; otherwise I’d be there to listen. And to say “thanks” to Lamott for her writing, and to the group who invited her back after her uninvitation.