Just in case anyone still has doubts that young adults a.) care;  and b.) are capable of making a difference in the world, check out the Cool People Care website. Founded by Sam Davidson and  Stephen Moseley, a Disciple and the son of Christian Theological Seminary professor Dan Moseley, the site is a hub for practical ideas and simple inspiration.  Watch the short (1 minute) video to learn how you can make a positive impact by committing just 5 minutes. [You’re NOT too busy for 5 minutes, are you?!] Cool People Care also has its own blog, the Remarkablog. And, Davidson and Moseley just had a book published, New Day Revolution.

If you have another minute more, check out this great list of 50 spiritual things to do, compiled by Ray Waddle, former religion editor at The Tennessean in Nashville, Tenn. Waddle writes a religion and faith column for the paper now. Cool People Care is on his list, too. I like #47 (though we Disciples can probably check that off our list).