nexus.jpgOne of our regular writers, Rev. Gregg Brekke, is the pastor of a new church start called Nexus Church, a United Church of Christ congregation in Liberty Township, Ohio. This week, several local newspapers owned by Cox Publishing printed a nice story about Gregg’s congregation doing an outreach event for Lent.

Imagine Gregg’s surprise on Tuesday morning when he received several phone calls to let him know that one of the newspapers, the Middletown (OH) Journal, had identified Gregg’s denomination as the “United Church of Satan” in a photo caption.

The caption ran correctly in the other Cox publications, which means that most likely, someone at the Middletown Journal went into their publishing system and changed the caption. 

Gregg placed a call to both his writer and to his advertising rep at the paper. He says they are investigating the incident. To the newspaper’s credit, they ran an apology today. And Gregg, being a stand-up guy, isn’t upset. Bad publicity is still publicity, right?