Some of you may have heard about this, or seen the AP article we posted on our website under “Offbeat News” about a church in Tampa, Florida encouraging married couples to have sex every day for 30 days, as part of Lent. They also challenged singles to do the opposite – abstain for 30 days. There’s much more to the story, and intrepid Ohio columnist, preacher and reporter Jeff Gill set out to investigate.

Jeff writes:

What the pastors are offering in their congregation, and to others who wish to participate over the internet, is a season that is clearly embedded in Lent, while not mentioning those 40 days and Sundays since their target audience is a largely unchurched bunch for whom Lent is something under the bed.

Read Jeff”s blog posting, which includes links to the church website and its downloadable Lenten study guide, here. Or a slightly edited version that appeared in the Newark (OH) Advocate here.