Beginning on March 10, the United Church of Christ will be running a two-week radio ad campaign on Sirius satellite radio. Accoring to a report on the UCC’s website the ads are part of the UCC’s “Stillspeaking” initiative and will include a new 60-second spot called “Telephone Tree.” The ads will air on CNN, Fox News, Sirius Left, and OutQ channels, among others.

UCC Communications Director J. Bennett Guess described the ads as “laugh-out-loud funny” — you can listen to “Telephone Tree” on the UCC website and decide for yourself. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud (and then it’s usually something less cerebral, like a Will Farrell or Chris Farley comedy, or when the talking baby spit up during the E-Trade Super Bowl commercial) but I have to admit, I chuckled at toward the end of the Telephone Tree spot, when the recorded telephone voice says “Have a NICE day!”