I’ve only met him once, but I wouldn’t have figured Rev. Bob Cornwall for a “Desperate Housewives” viewer. Yet in his latest column in the Lompoc (Calif.) Record, he writes about an episode of the popular show that explored faith and church-going in a surprising way. Bob writes:

If you follow the show, you know that the character of Lynette Scavo has faced a series of challenges that include cancer, seeing a friend being killed by a tornado, along with significant marriage issues.

Having gotten to that point in life without any significant religious training or background, she begins to wrestle with spiritual questions. As she does so, she spies the prissy Bree Van de Kamp and her new husband heading off to church.

Filled with questions, she decides to go to church and looks to Bree for guidance.

Read more about the episode, and what Bob had to say about it, here. For more of Bob – visit his blog “Ponderings on a Faith Journey” on the Christian Century’s blog network. It’s worth the trip.