Probably the most divisive and difficult resolutions to come before the 2007 General Assembly was the one dealing with the Iraq war. In the scant minutes alloted for debate time, Disciples spoke passionately from the red and green microphones, before and against. Resolution 0728 narrowly passed, and many people walked away disappointed, frustrated, and angry.

Former General Minister William Chris Hobgood revisits the resolution, as well as larger questions of war, peace, and the role of the church, in a post on the CENTERpiece blog, which is maintained by several Disciples advocacy groups.

It’s possible that Disciples’ decision-making bodies could do away with Sense-of-the-Assembly resolutions in the near future (of course, this would ultimately come before the General Assembly for a vote). And it doesn’t include ALL resolutions – we would still have items for reflection and research and other types of business items. But the Sense-of-the-Assembly resolutions are the ones that allow the church to “speak prophetically,” some say. Others think 12 minutes of debate followed by a yes/no vote creates a ‘win/lose’ situation and that we don’t do justice to the issue or to our relationship with each other by approaching difficult issues this way.

Look for the debate to heat up in the coming months as Disciples leaders move this toward a possible 2009 General Assembly resolution.