OK, I just realized it has been exactly a month since the last blog post. Sorry, ladies and gents, I really have no excuses. But I do have news.

1 – On June 1, I was ordained at Tylersville Road Christian Church in Mason, Ohio, sponsored by the congregation there and also the congregation of Carthage Christian Church in Cincinnati. It was an awesome and humbling experience. I am thankful for those who attended or sent notes of encouragement, who said a prayer for me that day, or who offered encouragement, prayers, and challenges along the way.

2 – DisciplesWorld has a page on Facebook now.  So if you’re on Facebook, become a Friend or Fan of DisciplesWorld!

3 – DisciplesWorld released a DVD last month called Beyond Borders: Faith and Action in the Arizona Desert. It has its own website (and Facebook page). It’s a 25 minute documentary targeted to people of faith, about the work of volunteers on the Mexico/Arizona border who are on the front lines of the immigration situation. Disciples, UCC, Methodists, Evangelicals, Catholics, and Presbyterians are featured. To purchse the DVD, you can download an order form (PDF) from the website or call DisciplesWorld and order it by phone. Or, you can order it through Amazon.com (more convenient, but the magazine doesn’t get all the proceeds that way). The cost is $12.95. Check it out! As the producer/director, my hope is that it will be a conversation-starter for Sunday School classes and church groups. I’m also available for talks, workshops, etc. with the video.