If you’re preaching this week and following the lectionary, you’ve been spending some time with the Parable of the Weeds and the Wheat. No doubt, this parable (more so than the Parable of the Sower, which precedes it) has an apocalyptic bent (unless you choose to ignore the ending). 

So I was glad to receive today’s Sightings column, written by Noreen Herzfeld. [Sightings is produced by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School – it comes to your inbox weekly and is always enlightening].

Herzfeld discovered that even after the Rapture, you (assuming you’ve been Raptured) can send a messages (as well as important personal data and documents) to your friends and loved ones who get “left behind” — thanks to www.youvebeenleftbehind.com. The first-year subscription price is $40 (not sure about subsequent years, or if the fee is pro-rated if the Rapture occurs mid-year).

Me, I’m not so sure (neither is Herzfeld). As far as important information goes, I’ll take my chances in storing it the old-fashioned way. And spiritually, I have a lot of ‘work’ to do and would not presume (or even wager $40 on) being among the Rapturees. Then again, I suppose it’s about God’s goodness and steadfastness, not my own….