If you don’t know who Bill McConnell is yet, you need to. Bill is senior pastor of Legacy Christian Church in Harrison, Ohio — a new church formed from the merger of two congregations — one a Disciples of Christ church, and the other a non-denominational¬† Christian church. He’s the author of Renew Your Congregation: Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead (Chalice Press, 2007) — a great book on church transformation.

Best of all, Bill’s a guy who tells it like it is (which is one reason his book resonates with so many people). Case in point: his latest blog post, innocuously titled “Lives of Significance.” Here is an excerpt:

After almost forty years of serving in the church in North America I believe I have become somewhat of an expert on the subject of the church. I have been working in it, observing it, thinking about it, working to better it, studying it, writing about it, preaching to it, praying for it, attempting to lead it and loving it for the better part of four decades. I know the church. And I have come to the conclusion that CRAP is a great name for the church. Let me explain.

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