Over the past 3-4 months, I’ve been trying to learn more about social media. First, there was Facebook – a few friends (yes, real-life friends) kept sending me emails enticing me to get involved. I’d skipped MySpace (the pages I’d seen looked so cluttery and busy, and yes, I’m probably too old, but I could still change my mind) but finally I took the Facebook plunge. I’ve been playing around with it, made a few mistakes, weathered the shift to the “new Facebook”, and watched a lot of people my age and older come on at about the same time. I’ve resisted the temptation to friend-request my son who’s away at college (not that there’s anything wrong with that — for me it’s part of a larger attempt to avoid my helicopter-parent tendencies). Now, DisciplesWorld has a Facebook page (with about 168 fans last time I looked) and I’m getting over my obsession with tending the Li’l Green Patch every day.

This week, it was Twitter. A much younger journalist friend of mine invited me. I signed up, so I could ask her “what do I do with this?” She explained it to me. Still not sure I get it, but it looks kind of fun.

The Associated Church Press held a webinar today on social media. Very interesting. I learned about lots of things I’d never heard of, like Ning, Crowdvine, and CNN’s ireport.com.

I’m interested to hear from others of you out there who are using social media. What are you using, and what are your experiences, good and bad? How might this have potential for churches and people of faith?

Also, here is an interesting link to a great post by David Sparks on the Mashable blog: Biggest Mistakes Made By Social Media Gurus . I’ve made a couple of these already!

And I’m still trying to work out the RSS feed issues on our website. Stay tuned.