Ever since Barack Obama resigned his membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago during the presidential campaign, people have been wondering and speculating where he would attend church, if elected.  PBS’ Religion & Ethics Newsweekly takes a look at some of his likely options.

Featured in the PBS piece is Rev. Stephen Gentle, senior minister at National City Christian Church. The Disciples congregation has been home to two presidents: James Garfield and Lyndon Johnson.

Interestingly, the story features Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, and AME churches in addition to National City; it mentions the 8 UCC congregations in the area only in passing. Given that Obama spoke at the UCC’s last General Synod, I wonder if he will remain loyal to the UCC. Then again, any church a president attends would have to contend with all the requirements and modifications for security reasons, so perhaps location, and suitability for a huge cadre of Secret Service personnel, trumps denominational loyalty.