So Rick Warren’s been chosen to deliver the invocation at Obama’s inauguration next month. On the one hand, as Andrew Sullivan points out on the Atlantic’s website, it’s a shrewd political move. And the two have some common ground in their concern for HIV/AIDS.  But, as Sullivan concludes, the message it sends to the GLBT community is not a positive one.

My question about Obama’s choice has more to do with Warren’s integrity. Maybe Obama’s unconvinced or unconcerned that Warren may have set him up when he invited Obama and McCain to the televised forum at Saddleback Church. But I’d be a little cautious after hearing rumors that McCain, who went second in being questioned by Warren, was listening to Obama’s answers on the radio while being chauffeured around, or may have had other access to the questions and/or Obama’s answers. [Warren denied the rumors in a Beliefnet interview the day after the forum, during which he was also somewhat critical of Obama].

“Cones of silence” aside, who else might Obama have invited? I can think of a few. What do you think?

Would’ve been great if he’d invited Jeremiah Wright. Now THAT would take some cojones.