Came across a great post this morning by Christian Piatt, DisciplesWorld columnist and author, who shares a story about an old friend, “Randall.” He writes:

Those were some of the best times of my young life: playing packed-to-the-walls house parties in Randall’s house with my band; traveling up and down Interstate 35 on the weekend, stopping at the Czech bakery along the way; talking in the wee hours of the night about the nature of God, love, fate and how to hook up with girls. It’s hard sometimes to notice when someone is doing more than just having fun: when they’re really dealing with a beast they cannot tame, and with pain they cannot drink away.

Christian goes on to write about how we find God on an airplane, at the car rental place, and right there in the middle of life’s messiness. It’s a perfect message for a season when we celebrate and contemplate Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Along those same lines, did anyone else see Scrubs last night? I don’t usually watch it, but turned on the TV last night and caught the last 15 minutes or so. Wow, it was beautiful.