Actor Stephen Baldwin

Actor Stephen Baldwin

An update from Verity Jones, DisciplesWorld editor and publisher, who is in DC for the inauguration:

I’m leaving for the Western States Inaugural Ball in a few minutes, but I wanted to post an update on the day’s events.  It was simply amazing to be in that crowd of 1.8 million people witnessing and celebrating this historic event.  The feeling was electric, positive. The crowd was as polite and excited as I’ve ever seen.

My seat gave me a view of the stage on the steps of the Capitol, even thought it was partially obscured by a tree!  I was able to move forward for President Obama’s speech and got some nice photos.  Sharon Watkins and Rick Lowery had equally wonderful seats.  They even spent the morning before the inauguration with the Obama family in the traditional pre-inaugural prayer service.  We’ll have to find out from them what that was like!

Stars, stars, everywhere.  For this little Okie from Muskogee, it was kind of thrilling, though not as thrilling as the main event, of course!  But I saw Bruce Springsteen and Stephen Baldwin and some other actors whose names I can’t remember … yet.  Actress Ellen Burstyn was in my row!  Such fun.  Wesley Clark passed me at one point. And Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ family sat in front of me.  Were they embarrassed by his flub up?  I couldn’t tell!  And of course I could see Rick Warren and Aretha Franklin and Rev. Joseph Lowery from my seat.  And the poem was wonderful, too.  What an honor it was to be there.  Photos will come soon.

Tomorrow is the reason I came to D.C.  The national prayer service starts at 10:00 am.  I am looking forward to hearing our General Minister and President wow President Obama and all the nation!  Yeah Disciples!