Noelridge Christian Church

Flooding hit Iowa in 2008. Photo: Noelridge Christian Church

Last summer, Iowa was hit with major flooding, especially around the Cedar Rapids area. Now, Disciples Volunteering needs groups to come help rebuild. I know, it’s not as supposedly-glamorous as New Orleans, but it’s also not as humid.

They do still need help in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. But if you’re a Midwesterner like me, Iowa’s within a day’s drive. You’ll save money on gas, reduce your potential carbon footprint, and probably avoid having to sleep on a church floor on the way down, like you’d have to on a 2-day drive.

The Upper Midwest is asking (appealing, actually) for volunteers. There are a couple of videos posted on the Christian Church in the Upper Midwest’s blog that illustrate the work that’s going on and still needs to be done. Can you go on Spring Break? How about this summer?

While you’re there, take a couple of extra days to see the sights.¬† You’d be surprised how much there is to do in Iowa. And, you might get to meet the Meanest Mom on the Planet.