If you’re on Facebook, chances are good that one of your FB Friends recently tagged you to share “25 Things You Might Not Know About Me.” The phenomenon has picked up so much momentum that it’s spilled over into the mainstream media. I’ve seen several articles about it this week, including this especially snarky one from Time.com, and just now, Good Morning America’s weekend program did a segment on it. Their news angle – “Just how much SHOULD you share about yourself?” and ended with the expected cautionary warning that everything on the internet lives forever. And just as they signed off for the commercial, they added their own personal mock confessions, such as “my sister and I used to play games of Monopoly that lasted for days,” and “I once killed a hobo.” Ha ha.

I found the “25 Things”meme to be kind of fun. Some folks I tagged chose not to do it, and that’s ok. Some did, and I’ve enjoyed reading their lists, along with the lists of other FB Friends (I think any Friend can see your list, whether you’ve tagged them or not). Some people get more personal than others, but in all cases, I had the opportunity to learn interesting things I didn’t know before.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and even the more professional LinkedIn, along with other social networking sites, are causing people to learn to navigate the gray area between the impersonal and the highly personal. Some navigate it more conservatively, others more liberally. What matters is that you do it in a way that you are comfortable with.

These faux-critical pieces in the MSM feed the fear of social media. (Best line so far: the NY Times article bemoaning that 25 Things “is threatening to consume what little remaining free time and privacy we have.” Really?)

But I’d love to hear what you think…especially FB users who did, or did not, do the “25 Things” list.