What would Jesus do if he was at his favorite Mexican restaurant, enjoying a Taco Salad and catching up on some reading, and overheard a couple sitting nearby trying to convince a young man to join a nefarious pyramid scheme (as opposed to, say, a benevolent pyramid scheme?)  Well, I don’t know what Jesus would do, but now I know what Disciples blogger Dan Mayes did. I’ll let him tell you.

Katherine Willis Pershey, over at any day a beautiful change, admits an aversion to hipness, both in the church, and in the fabric store.

Mad God Woman shares a link to another great blog, Stuff Christians Like. It’s not just a one-off list; each item of “Stuff” has its own blog posting. And he’s up to #495: Wondering if We’re Worth Anything.  Another great posting there compares different Bible versions to G.I. Joe characters (still works even if you don’t know your characters). Another recent posts from the Mad God Woman: Mitres of Fire, Hazards of Habit, about one of the major mistakes pastors make. Rock on, preacher lady.